Beginner Information

We’ve all been there. You have a great new instrument, you’ve taken it home and unboxed it, and now you aren’t sure where to start. I remember buying my first ukulele and being initally frustrated because I had no idea how to strum it.

Relax! We live in a wonderful digital age where there are multitudes of free tutorials and help available to get you up and strumming in no time! Youtube is a great resource for new players to learn all the basics of playing. I would like to highlight a few great introductory videos to get started. Continue coming back for more great content and tutorials.

How to tune your ukulele by Cynthia Lin
How to strum the ukulele by Uke Like the Pros
5 common ukulele mistakes by Uke Like the Pros
How to play ukulele chords part 1 by Austin Bazaar

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